Frequently Asked Questions


Is it free to use the plugin manager in my theme or plugin?

Yes. My Plugin Manager is licensed as 100% GPL. This means you can use it however you wish, at no cost.

Does the plugin manager support suggesting plugins not hosted on

Yes, it does. However, the plugin manager will not directly install plugins that are not hosted on Instead, a link will be provided to the user to get the plugin.

With that said, after the plugin is installed by the user, if it supports native WordPress in-dashboard updates (which many commercial plugins do), then this can be managed from your product's plugin manager interface to help the user make sure they're maintaining a compatible version.

When implemented into a theme, will my theme still pass theme-check so it can be sumbmitted to

Yup! It will defintely pass the theme-check plugin.

How is this plugin manager different from TGM Plugin Activation?

Our original goal was to create something conceptually similar to TGMPA, but with some important differences.

  • Less overall features than TGMPA, making things simpler for the end-user.
  • Plugins are never required, only suggested.
  • For better security, while plugins from anywhere can be suggested, the auto-installer will only directly install hosted plugins.
  • A more Ajaxified experience for managing plugins, that blends more in with where WordPress is today.
  • The plugin manager admin screen always remains in place, listing all suggested plugins and their current status.
  • In concept this isn't meant to be a shared drop-in PHP library across multiple themes and plugins with whatever version happens to load first taking precedence, but instead every instance should be uniquely named and setup for its project (our online generator helps with this).

Download and Implementation

Where can I download the plugin manager?

We ask that you please use the online generator to download a uniquely generated copy of the plugin manager that is specific to your project.

Can I just download the plugin manager directly from GitHub?

For implementing the plugin manager into your project, we ask that you use the online generator to download. The distributed version on GitHub is not intended for direct production use.

Our online generator tool will re-name the files, classes, and namepsaces, to match your specific project. This allows the plugin manager to play more nicely with implementations by other theme and plugin authors, used in conjunction with yours.

How do I implement the plugin manager?

The online generator will give you a ZIP package for your project. Unzip this and add the resulting "plugin-manager" directory to your theme or plugin.

Also, once your package has been generated and the download has started, you will be shown a code snippet that you can use to get started, which is specific to your project.

Does the "plugin-manager" directory need to go in the root of my theme or plugin?

No, it doesn't. You can organize the directory where ever you like in your theme or plugin. Just make sure to adjust the include path to your class-{file-namespace}-plugin-manager.php from the example code snippet provided.